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The Top 4 Reasons We’re Freaking Out About Southern Marsh Opening Today!

Run don’t walk! Southern Marsh opens TODAY at Market Street and we’re swooning over this newest shop. Get the scoop below on why we’re freaking out to welcome “the Marsh” to Market Street.

This is Southern Marsh’s first time having a brick and mortar store and WE GET IT

Up until now Southern Marsh has only been available online or at other retailers – but not anymore!! Don’t ask how we got so lucky, but we’ll be filling our shopping bags to the brim with tees and other fun things this fall into the holiday season and beyond!

Their Vintage Waxed Hat

Say no more – this is hat is hotttt.  Not only do we want to buy it for our boyfriend but we want to borrow it from him too. Indian giving. We’re fine with it. Also, I think we read on Vogue or something that ball caps go with everything.


Let’s “geaux” shopping!

Not only was this brand founded in Baton Rouge, LA but the founders, Matthew Valiollahi and Stephen Smith started the brand when they were still students at LSU! How’s that for a cool origin story – unless of course you’re a Texas A&M fan..


Equal Opportunity Shop

Belle or beau, baby or puppy – there’s something here for the whole family. Skip the department store lines for holiday shopping and do a one-stop shop here! Santa’s got a brand new bag and it’s from Southern Marsh.







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