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Link Roundup

This season has us cooling off from the heat, taking dips in the water, and preparing for our next vacation. We’ve discovered all your go-to summertime needs to inspire you to stay and be cool. Check out the links below if you’re looking to make this summer the best one yet!

For the hot summer day… Beat the heat with these 22 refreshing watermelon dessert recipes. They’re guaranteed to quench your thirst and satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings!

For the mind… Check out this Refinery29 Money Diaries feature on a local teacher from Conroe. She shares all of her spending for a week, and it’s definitely feeding our curiosity! Think she’ll hit up Market Street on her list?

For the beach… Looking for your next book to binge-read after Crazy Rich Asians? Here’s a list of books to pack for your next beach outing!

For the body… Exercising usually isn’t the first priority while on vacation, but no worries… here is some workout inspiration that will keep you feeling good and in shape after a long day at the beach!

For the pool… Need an Instagram-worthy pool float? This one will have you floating in style!

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