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Meet Mitch: The Market Street Intern

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Market Street intern is like? Wonder no more! We went behind the sizzling summer styles and delectable dining of Market Street and got a peek behind office doors to meet Mitch, the Marketing intern. We asked him some questions to get his scoop on his favorite Market Street stores and see what his day looks like.

What is the first thing you do when you get in for the day?

First things first, I like to say hello to whomever is in the office as well. Then it is time to get settled in, so I will log in to my computer, email accounts, etc. I then usually make a cup of coffee and read through the newspaper from that morning to see if we are featured anywhere or any other shopping malls. Then it is time to e-mail and make calls.

It’s your lunch break! What Market Street restaurant do you normally pop in to for a bite?

At lunch time I will usually pop in to one of my three favorite lunch spots here at Market Street: Potbelly, Chipotle, or Salata.

Mitch's desk

Mitch’s desk

What’s your favorite part about working at Market Street?

My favorite part about working at Market Street is the community. I came in to the office for the summer, and immediately was accepted into the Market Street family. I have been around Market Street for a very long time as well, so it is also very cool to see how it has grown and will continue to grow.

What school do you attend and what are you studying?

I currently attend the University of Arkansas (Razorbacks) where I am studying Business Marketing with a Management minor in the Sam Walton College of Business. Woo pig! Student life is a lot of fun, but it can sometimes be difficult to make ends meet. Yes, believe it or not, even business students can run into money troubles! To be honest, I need to start taking more financial control as I have ambitions to study and work overseas in the future as an international student. A friend of mine has told me how transferring your international credit score can have a wide range of benefits too, so I am doing my best to be more financially responsible at the moment so that I can improve my credit score. Nobody is perfect though, and as a student, I do sometimes spend money on the wrong things! Thank goodness for my credit card…

When you’re off the clock, where in Market Street are you most likely to relax, shop, or dine?

Off the clock at Market Street, my favorite place to relax is in the breezeway between Thomas Markle and Johnny Was. It is a very peaceful place to sit outside and enjoy the weather. My favorite restaurants on property are Tommy Bahama and True Food Kitchen. Shopping at Market Street, I always must hit my three favorite stores which are Orvis, Eddie Bauer, and Tommy Bahama. Overall, off the clock, I like to make sure I get my full experience.


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