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Countdown to True Food Kitchen with Dr. Weil

We can’t wait to sample the delicious (and healthy!) dishes that True Food Kitchen will be serving up when they open to the public on May 16th. While we decide just what to try first, we interviewed the renowned physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, who’s principles known as the “Anti-Inflammatory Diet” helped establish True Foods as the healthy go-to hot spot it is today.

What’s your personal favorite dish?

I have a number of favorites but my top choices would be the Edamame Dumplings, the TLT sandwich, and the Ancient Grains Bowl with Salmon.


What are you looking forward to about being in The Woodlands?

The Woodlands is a great location that will make our wonderful food available to more Houstonians outside of the downtown metro area.

What makes True Food Kitchen different from other health food concepts?

Honestly, nothing else really comes close. The “health food concepts” I’ve tried serve food that is boring, weird, or both! Our food is beautiful, full of flavor, and in line with cutting-edge nutritional science

What was your inspiration behind creating True Food Kitchen?

I wanted to demonstrate that really good food can also be good for you.  Eating healthy does not mean giving up the pleasure of eating.


Dream dinner guest?

Someone for whom our food is a revelation.  I love eating with a guest who has never had really delicious, really healthy food.

Happy hour drink of choice?

If I were choosing a non-alcoholic option, it would definitely be the Medicine Man.  Alcoholic: a glass of great red wine.

What are your thoughts on all of these “trendy” diets? Keto, Whole 30, Paleo? We want the inside scoop!

Most trendy diets will go out of fashion.  Most are not supported by medical evidence. Some like the Keto Diet may be unhealthy.  Paleo is sensible in rejecting manufactured and processed foods but in its extreme forms is not wise. Whole (as opposed to pulverized) grains and beans are great food options that provide optimal nutrition.


Can you give us your food philosophy in one sentence?

Avoid processed foods, especially products made with flour and sugar, eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit in season, eat less animal protein and more vegetable protein, don’t overeat, and enjoy good food!




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