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Halloween Link Roundup

Black cats, full moons, and witches brew…spooky season is here at Market Street! We’ve rounded up our favorite Halloween articles from around the web for All Hallows’ Eve. Enjoy! 

*Image via @missygrace_*

1. Be the “sorceress” with the most-est with these spooky cake molds!

2. Too old to trick or treat? Check out our all-time favorite scary movies!

3. We’re not superstitious, but we are a little stitious. Here are The Office Halloween episodes ranked. 

4. Don’t be a scaredy-cat, here are 25 classic scary books!

5. If you’ve got it, “haunt” it in the best pop-culture costumes of 2020.

6. Here’s a spooktacular playlist for Halloween night!

7. Love PSL season? Then this is the pumpkin spice face mask of your dreams!

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